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Weekend Portfolio Prep 2016
Limited weekend sessions: October 15 -30, 2016 
Six weekend sessions, 3-1/2 hours of instruction each.
Art supplies, model fee, mounting, labeling,review, photographing two 3D pieces and case are included.

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High School Weekend Portfolio Prep; Ages 12-14, 10:00am to 1:30pm
October 15 – 30
6, three and a half hours sessions-------------------------------------------------- $ 850.00
  • October - Sat 15 & Sun 16
  • October - Sat 22 & Sun 23
  • October - Sat 29 & Sun 30


 Instructors: Mauricio Cortes, Yale MFA

Jesse Kreuzer, Cooper Union, BFA




Developing a strong portfolio requires between 50 and 60 hours.

·       What to include in an art portfolio?

·       How to present a portfolio?

·       How to maximize the chance of being accepted?

Program Objective

This program is intended for students planning on applying to an art high school or college art program. Participant students will produce original pieces of artwork towards developing and building up a required portfolio. The work will be created in a variety of styles and techniques, utilizing traditional and contemporary methods with an imaginative and creative approach.

H.S. Students – Applying to NYC specialized art high schools has become a tougher competition effort. The criteria to evaluate applying students includes three main components: academic grades, audition performance, and portfolio. While the academic grades rank atop, developing a portfolio not only covers a requirement it also prepares the applicant for the audition, which ranks second after the academic grades. During the audition performance, evaluators can assess a student’s ability to think visually on his/her own.

A final review and selection of 15 to 20 pieces will constitute the portfolio. All selected pieces will be mounted and properly labeled before auditions/interviews. The program fee includes photographing two 3D pieces.

College StudentsThis program will help those applying for a foundation course, certificate, associate or undergraduate degree where an art portfolio is a requirement of the application or the portfolio is submitted as supplemental material. It will address specific art, creative, and visual-based areas of fine art, graphic design, illustration, interior design, and other.

An application portfolio is a collection of the applicant’s artwork, which will show how his/her skills and ideas have developed over a period of time. It will demonstrate the applicant’s creativity, personality, abilities, and commitment. It will help the admission committee evaluate the applicant’s potential as student and as artist.


Admission into a top art school is increasingly becoming more competitive as there are more students applying to a limited number of spots. Therefore producing an art portfolio should not be taken lightly. College requirements and expectations are varied and can leave applicants uncertain about how to proceed. Even when criteria is clear, applicants may feel overwhelmed and wonder what to draw/paint/make/create, which mediums to use and how to best select and present their work. This program has a two-fold intention: help students to produce original pieces of artwork and secondly, guide applicants in navigating the sometimes overwhelming application process.

A final review and selection of 15 to 20 pieces will constitute the portfolio. An optional service for photographing the work to digitize the portfolio is available.


This program will help students develop their artistic skills and improve their ability to draw from observation, compose a picture, and use color in an effective way.Art assignments will include basic to advance drawing, painting, and design exercises from still life, live model, figure, landscape, etc., in both representative and abstract manners. Sources will be from observation, memory and imagination. Each student will develop his/her work individually at his/her own level and pace.


  • Drawing - Pencil, charcoal, graphite, pastels, oil pastel, ink
  • Painting - Watercolor, acrylics, tempera, and oil
  • Mixed Media - Collage, masking, block printing
  • Related Activities - Clay, slide and video projections

For the past 17 years, Wet Paint! Art Studio has been helping students with portfolio preparation. We have a successful track record as many of our students gain admission inot the NYC specialized high schools. 90% of our students are accepted into LaGuardia High School!



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