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Art Portfolio Prep for H.S./College
Two hours of instruction. Art supplies, model fee, mounting, labeling, snacks, and birthday treats are included.
Developing a strong portfolio usually requires between 20 and 24 sessions
Winter/Spring Terms; January 7 - June 17, 2016
C - Thursday (Ages 12-14Regular / Portfolio Prep for HS*, 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Full Semester: January to June (No class on Feb 23)
22 sessions ($1,720 total - $ 100 discount--------------- $ 1,620.00
Winter: January 12 – April 6 (n/c Feb 23)
12 sessions--------------------------------------------------- $   940.00
Spring: April 20 – June 15
10 sessions--------------------------------------------------- $   800.00

D - Friday (Ages 12-14Regualr / Portfolio Prep for HS*3:30pm to 5:30pm
Full Semester: January to June (No class on Feb 24)
22 sessions ($1,720 total - $ 100 discount--------------- $ 1,620.00 
Winter: January 13 – April 7 (n/c Feb 24)
12 sessions--------------------------------------------------- $   940.00
Spring: April 21 – June 16
10 sessions--------------------------------------------------- $   800.00
* Notes:  The class fee for portfolio prep includes special art supplies and live model.
                A $ 150 portfolio fee applies for selection/review meeting, mounting & labeling, and case.
                An additional fee applies if Wet Paint is to digitize the student's portfolio.
Students interested in the fine arts and applying to high school or middle school will produce original work to develop an art portfolio. Artwork will be created in a variety of styles and techniques, utilizing traditional and contemporary methods with an imaginative and creative approach.

A final evaluation and selection of 15 to 20 pieces will constitute the portfolio. All selected pieces will be mounted and properly labeled before auditions/interviews.
90% of our students are accepted into LaGuardia High School.
This workshop will help students develop their artistic skills and improve their ability to draw from observation, compose a picture, and use color in an effective way.
Art assignments will include basic to advance drawing and painting exercises from still life, live model, figure, landscape, etc., in both representative and abstract manners. Sources will be from observation, memory and imagination. Each student will develop his/her work individually at his/her own level and pace.
  • Drawing - Pencil, charcoal, graphite, pastels, oil pastel, ink
  • Painting - Watercolor, acrylics, tempera, and oil
  • Mixed Media - Collage, masking, block printing
  • Related Activities - Clay, slide and video projections



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